• Identify Vulnerabilities
  • Set maturity Targets against Each Capability
  • Instant Results on the Risk Profile Matrix
  • Activity-Based maturity Assessment
  • Measure Current Maturity vs Target Maturity
  • Get Maturity Gaps




  • Create Business-focused, Executive-Ready Reports with a just a Few Clicks
  • Simple, familiar visuals that demonstrate pragmatic, actionable insights aligning to strategic objectives
  • Filterable results that provide as broad or narrow a focus as desired




  • Customise Assessment Classification
  • Define Business Units to be Assessed
  • Assemble the Best Team for the Job








  • Built Business Appropriate Roadmap
  • Identify and action on most critical IT weaknesses
  • Prioritise IT initiatives to strategically improve maturity and resilience
  • Plan, manage and support IT investments



The Board

A high-performance board is one that, through its rhythm and decision-making, holds the company accountable to a performance standard higher than it has never had before, resulting in increased value and improved return for shareholders and other stakeholders on a sustainable basis.

The board evaluation exercise is ultimately about the effectiveness of the board and its various Directors and committees.

This assesses how well the board is functioning including; its key relationships with management the delivery of its governance role and functions board makeup and diversity compared with the individual expectations of directors.


This assesses the adequacy of the board’s committee structure and how well they function in supporting the board to perform its role.

This assesses how well directors perceive themselves and each other to be contributing positively to the work of the board and how their contributions could be improved, considered against the expectations of directors (for example, the board’s composition matrix, code of conduct for the board, etc.)

This assesses specifically how well the chair/s fulfill their role/s, considered against the expectations of those roles (for example, chair’s role statement and board/committee charters)

"Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu", which literary means" a person is a person through other persons" Zulu proverb