We are a Johannesburg based niche strategic advisory firm that continuously innovates to build knowledge and thought leadership for our clients. As a trusted and respected research and advisory partner, we provide management consulting and strategic research services from companies across sub- Saharan Africa.

We provide evidence-based strategic consulting for the both the public and private sectors, differentiated by a holistic approach to research. From multinational firms to state-owned enterprises and government departments, we help management teams achieve high levels of economic value through effective strategy implementation and execution

Strategy executed, performance realized

Our approach to consulting is to actively engage with our clients to understand their unique and specific requirements in order to tailor our interventions to their requirements. We leverage our extensive experience and specific capabilities in strategy, governance and research to deliver innovative value propositions to our clients. We work closely with stakeholders across the organization in order to empower our clients to effectively execute strategy, thus delivering enduring results that will stick long after we leave.

Through trusted advisory-client relationships and a facilitated consultative approach, validated by strategic research, we fulfill the role of a catalyst to create and sustain organisational performance.