The transformation of business processes and IT is not just a technology task. It’s a matter of strategy and human intelligence. Business process analysis and IT portfolio management capabilities are critical to supporting the decisions and strategy that will direct your transformation journey. With our capability, your transformation is supported by tools and methods that help you make the smartest decisions possible.


Your business needs to collect, store, analyze and act on data that while it is current and accurate. For this reason, you make decisions about static and real-time data every day. Therefore making faster and better decisions is at the core of every digital strategy. Wouldn’t your decisions be better if you could monitor a flood of real-time data, combine it with historical data sets, and make predictions about the future? Operational intelligence capabilities are designed for exactly this type of real-time analysis.


  • Process

Process management and agile application development capabilities are critical to helping you improve your business operations and respond more quickly to changing business needs. Your company doesn’t just have processes in many ways, your processes are your business. Digital companies are marked by efficient and agile individual processes and by the way they work together for the larger organisations. Companies pursuing transformation must adapt processes end- to-end and build better business apps on top of them.

  • Integration

Emerging trends based on new technologies, such as cloud, mobile, APIs and the Internet of Things, will create a new need for seamless integration. While companies cannot ignore the investments they’ve made in building their existing IT portfolios, they need to ensure that new technologies will be fully compatible with their existing and future core applications. An extensible, scalable and reliable integration backbone is a key element— running either in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid scenarios


We help enhance, rather than replace, your existing core IT systems. Integrating market- leading technologies for business and IT transformation, analytics and decision support, process improvement, system integration and in-memory data management, the platform ties together your entire enterprise, giving you new insights, and provides tools that empower you to build differentiating applications. The platform adds value to your existing IT landscape, improving the performance and efficiency of your existing systems. You gain the power to reduce IT investments and upkeep while simultaneously unlocking new business opportunities.