TIS Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a renowned accredited training institution providing first class professional training to individuals and corporate bodies. We are registered under the Services Sectorial Education and Training Authority (Services SETA), Accreditation Decision Number 2571 and AAT centre no 0010648. We wish to point out upfront that because of our status with the SETAs companies may claim back up to 65% of their appropriate Skills Levies for all training provided by us if they have included the training in their Workplace Skills Plans (WSP). We are committed to the new direction of training and development stipulated in the SAQA legislation and other training and development related legislation.

The Learning Institute provides short and long term courses that cover a broad range of accredited, non-accredited and customized learning interventions tailored to meet specific client requirements.

We offer various accredited courses and are thus recognised by FASSET, LGSETA and SAICA/AAT (SA). The institution offers the following courses:

Workshops and Symposiums (Non-accredited courses)

Based on identified needs, we provide customized workshops and symposiums that meet our public and private sector clients:GRAP

  • Asset management
  • IT Governance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Supply chain management
  • Performance management
  • Best employment practices
  • AGSA’s Assessment of HRM practices