“Cosmopolitan leaders of the future must be integrators who can look beyond obvious differences among organisations, sectors, disciplines, functions, or cultures. They must be diplomats who can resolve conflicts between the different ways that organisations or communities or countries operate and who can influence people to work together, to find a common cause”-The Drucker Foundation

Our goal in TISHoldings about business coaching is to enhance business’ leadership effectiveness and their ability to deliver on the company’s strategic goals and outcomes.

We aim to assist individuals to grow the business’s leadership awareness and performance through a variety of coaching interventions and to arm them with unique toolkits developed to enhance the capability to handle challenges ranging from diversity in the workplace, personal growth, and performance improvement to identifying innovative ways of growing your bottom line.

“Let today be enjoyed with its uniqueness”.

The Laws of Extreme Business Success, by Carl Bates, the law of Three Hats says that: “Extreme Business success can only occur when the three hats of business are kept separate and distinct”.

A high-performance director is one who is obsessed with creating meaningful economic impact through their role on the board and the role their company plays in the economy. Furthermore, such a director is not afraid to have tough conversations as well as do the mundane aspects that together enable board success.

This very process is explored in the law of Ego: “that requires us to recognize that a business is about more than the personalities within it”.

“There ought to be ways of reforming a business, other than by merely putting more money into it”-Winston Churchill, 1901


We plan to provide the vision, technology, and leadership our South African clients need for success. We believe that in collaboration with SIRDAR we can deliver results on time and within budget.

Currently our clients rely on our consulting expertise to help them define how to improve performance and be part of the information disruption.

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