To optimise the organisational processes for purposes of improving performance


Transforming our clients’ boards into high-performance boards using tools and methodologies adopted from market leaders in governance and performance improvement.


Our value system communicates our commitment to exceeding the expectations of our clients.

About Us

Our goal at TIS Holdings is to enhance the business leadership effectiveness and enable them to deliver as per the set overall organisation’s strategic goals and outcomes.
TIS provides tailor-made services whether it is board advisory or automating processes. We work together with our customers by supporting them to streamline the processes, identify gaps, create roadmaps, ensure optimum procedure for deployed IT eco-system and deliver a high-performance customer-centric service.

We aim to assist our clients by keeping them updated on the continually evolving technology and ensure awareness through a variety of coaching interventions.

We realise that technology is just an enabler and there is, at all times, a scarcity of resources, skills, knowledge, and directions to embrace the right technology and processes. Hence, we arm our clients with unique toolkits developed to enhance the capability and skills to handle such challenges ranging from diversity in the workplace, personal growth, and performance improvement to identifying innovative ways of increasing the bottom-line gains.

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Meet theTIS Team

Terry Ramabulana

TIS CEO | Founder

Terry is an executive Coach and Mentor and has over 35 years experience in IT and Corporate Accounting. He holds a Masters of Commerce in Computer Audit as well as a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management. He is currently completing his PHD in Information Management focusing on “The value of information management in performance improvement”. Terry is the Founder of IntelliMAT.

Matilda Ramabulana

TIS Programme | HR Director

Matilda has provided leadership in designing and developing training (learning) courses and aids, as well as manages the delivery and facilitation of training courses. Matilda conducts full spectrum of evaluation activities including, analysing content, writing test items, designing and conducting session evaluations, her core value is in Identify training and development needs within an organisation through succession planning, job analysis, performance appraisal efforts and regular consultation with business managers and human resources departments. She completed her Strategic Management Diploma at UCT, is accredited through the Institute of Personnel Service Consultants, Degree in remedial Education from UJ, Education Diploma from UVST and her BA Psychology from UVST.

Jeanine Osborne

TIS Strategist | Co-Founder IntelliMAT

Jeanine is a seasoned tech evangelist and serial entrepreneur. Jeanine built the business continuity business for HP Africa, as well as lead global outsourcing teams in mining and telecoms, she also formed alliances in Business Continuity for IBM amongst other programs and services. She is the Founder of Sendeddy Logistics On-Demand Platform., She is the Strategic Advisor for TIS Holdings and Co-Founder of IntelliMAT Maturity Assessment SaaS. She completed her MBA with Henley college and Certified Technology Business Management through Tuks, as well as UNISA Business Continuity.